Basic Tips For Using Ehrlich Testing Kit

The primary use of ehrlich testing kit is to determine the presence of indoles like LSD on a liquid content. By simply putting a drop of it on a blotter paper and putting another drop of the test liquid on the LSD sample will help you verify it. Suppose it turns purple or pink, you could say that it is an indole. If not, you can guarantee that it is an NBOMe or Dox compounds. The NBOMe is highly toxic and can cause severe hallucinations. If you are more curious about ehrlich testing kit then you can learn more about it on

Safety Tips In Storing The Test Kit
The test can last up to 50 times and may be used for up to 12 months. However, you need to store the test in a fridge to avoid contamination. Then again, the test has hydrochloric acid which can burn your skin so make sure you mark it and use protective gloves in testing. If not possible for storing in the fridge, you should store it in a cool and dark place instead. There are also other variants of the testing kit which contains more effective solutions like those with phosphoric acid. This content helps prolong the shelf life of the kit and improves the consistency of the results of the test.

Should You Try The Ehrlich’s Test?
It is a reliable drug testing kit and many have tried and tested it, they were satisfied with the accurate results so there is nothing to worry about. If some reports say that they did not find the test kit effective, perhaps there is something wrong with the blotter paper they used. As long as you follow the instructions on the kit, you will get the best results for the test. You just have to be extra patient when testing to get the results you need.