The Different Types Of Fridge Freezer: Which One Do You Need?

We all need that a good fridge freezer at home.  It’s absolutely one of the basic appliances you must have before buying other appliances.  It helps you preserve food and other items through its coolness.  Did you know that fridge freezer has different types? Yes! and you can choose among them depending on what you need.

Types of Fridge Freezer

Freestanding Fridge Freezers

This is the most popular type of koel vriescombinatie.  It is also known as the cheapest in terms of price, and easiest to install and operate.  It consists of a top or bottom fridge unit.  Commonly, this type has 200-300 liter capacity which is spread out to three or four shelves or drawers.

Integrated Fridge Freezer

Also known as a built-in freezer, an integrated fridge freezer is similar to freestanding freezers but it is designed to be hidden in cupboards.  It will make your kitchen look like more of modernized design as your fridge won’t be noticed unless cupboard doors are open.  It will maintain the look of your kitchen.  Additionally, it comes with a slimmer size which make it easy to fit in cupboards.

American Style Fridge Freezers

Due to an increased storage capacity and sleek modern design, the American Style Fridge Freezers become more popular.  They are also known as a side-by-side models because they are usually spit vertically.  The one side serves as the fridge while the other side is the freezer.  Some are designed with French doors that covers two fridge sections and the two large freezers are located in the drawer below.  Some designs too come with four doors with an individual door for two fridges and two freezers.

So, you now have an idea on what to buy? Just make an assessment on what you really need for your kitchen.  All of them are great depending on how you are going to use them.